Hunter: Colombian Nights

***TOP SECRET ****

NOTE it is believed that the culprit behind the recent gang war in Los Angeles one “EL SCORPIO” has recently returned to Columbia, Be aware of this and try to monitor his movements to the best of your ability. NOTE this should not take precedence over more pressing missions related to the safety and security of our interests in the region. see FIG 1


LOC: 1.299365,-71.974539 A small coca farm

All substances found that seem to come from TARGET ALPHA found to be originating here have properties deemed supernatural level 3 NOTE the location has come to us from the words of an interrogated drug runner found trying to cross the border, he was apprehended by a level 4 strike team, through interrogation, the only information gleaned was “Guiavare” and “Las Perchas” The only nearby town is Miraflores (POP: 14,381) a FARC controlled headquarters in southern columbia, We will be sending you in far outside the zone and you will have to move towards it and destroy the outpost.

your extradition point will be 1.226684,-71.860212

Your orders, find and destroy this farm known as “Las Perchas” Optional Mission objectives, Hamper the effectiveness of the base in Miraflores.

FIG 1: image of El Scorpio in car head out of window holding grenade launcher laughing

FIG 2: (attached map zoomed out)

FIG 3: (attached map zoomed in)

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